Smoke Signals – Lyrics
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What to do on my way home
The breeze feels good and so do people I know
Day has turned to night and I found myself once again
Missing you
She writes a letter I sing a song
I wanna go and get her but I don’t have a car
River deep swept my feet from underneath
I just lay back and continue to breathe

Somewhere in Brooklyn she begins to write
High in San Francisco I catch a sleepless night
Down in Africa my friends feel effects
Our times are changing, we create ‘em
We do our best, we do our best

What do on my home
Ask for direction, pass the pipe and build a fire
See the smoke signals flying
May be a sponge to soak up a mess
But I got me a filter to purify what I ingest
In through the eyes, round the mind
To the heart, through the mouth
Your ears, they might be hearing

So what to do on my way home
The breeze feels good, the people I know
Day will turn to night and I’ve found myself once again
With you, with you babe
What you need is love love babe
What we got is love love love babe
What to do, when I’m missing you

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