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Kickstarter Launched – New album “Driftless” is ready to be recorded. 12/01/2016

Help Josh record his next album! The songs are ready, the musicians are lined up, the studio dates are booked. Josh will be collaborating with members of Polecat, Aaron Guest, Cayley Schmid and Jeremy Elliott. The plan is to record with Michael Iris at Bell Creek Studio in Bellingham, WA. Check out the kickstarter campaign Read More…

JC & Friends Live at Summer Meltdown 11/25/2016

Check out this live recording from Josh’s set at Summer Meltdown.  The band features Tim Snider on violin, Jacob Navarro on guitar, William Cook on bass, Calm Israel on back-up vocals, and Bob Rees on drums.  Features a new tune “Every Once in a While”.

FLOWMOTION – The Sitzmark in Girdwood, Alaska – Click For More Details 11/20/2016

Two raging nights of “Dance yo ass off” FLOWMOTION shows. Get a room at the amazing in Girdwood, Alaska. The venue at the resort is called The Sitzmark. Prepare for 3 full sets each night. The band features Andy Coe on guitar for the weekend. Ski, Dance, Party, Pool/Spa – Repeat! $10  21+

JC opens up for Chris Poage & Friends feat. Mts. & Tunnels, Panda Con, Mother Of Pearl 11/19/2016

Chris Poage, front man for Mts & Tunnels and Panda Conspiracy is pulling together all of his projects into one special evening at Capps Clup in Kenmore, WA. Special guests Mother Of Pearl will warm up the night!

JC Trio at Summer Meltdown ’16 08/04/2016

Join us for a 12noon set at the Garden Stage – Come get your melt-mosa and enjoy some sweet early morning sounds as Meltdown comes alive from Thursday nights shenanigans.    

Water In My Hands – Lyrics 07/10/2012

What you said could save me Then you go and run Leave me be in precious life Take good care of yourself Be cared for and well Someone will get you through She said to sing, and I will never forget Here the rain is calling Will we ever get back One day tomorrow, today’s Read More…

Time Goes – Lyrics 07/10/2012

Got a crazy feeling in my blood And it’s telling me not to worry I can hear the hum, the city and the buzz And it’s telling me not to hurry ‘Cause time will go and time will fade And in time I’ll see you on the way I may go or I may stay Read More…

Smoke Signals – Lyrics 07/10/2012

What to do on my way home The breeze feels good and so do people I know Day has turned to night and I found myself once again Missing you She writes a letter I sing a song I wanna go and get her but I don’t have a car River deep swept my feet Read More…

Slipping Away – Lyrics 07/10/2012

You said you needed time And I started walking And it was gonna be miles before I stop I take a look right back to you now How I got so far away Just let me love you here ‘Cause I don’t wanna let this feeling go, go Slipping away I know it takes some Read More…

Situation- Lyrics 07/10/2012

I tried to go hiding out It ain’t no use I tried to go running away I didn’t tie my shoe But you don’t scare me You don’t mean a thing So I won’t try explaining Just shut my mouth and sing If you ever need to scream Sing a song like you mean it Read More…