I Fold – Lyrics
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The breeze above my head
And thoughts are slowly rolling through it
Miles from my own bed, I can sing the whole day long
Instead, I listen to the wind
It tells the story of new beginnings
I think it’s time for changing again
Ready and I’m not, I fold

Shadows in my mind
A reality I can’t deny
Sadness in this soul of mine
Creeps inside my heart, it’s so sharp
Cuts me like a knife
The blood will run and so will
I Can’t go far there’s no more time
The healing has to start
I’m scar

I fold my cards
In hopes we start again
I fold

Julian Macdonough-Drums
Rob Drew-Bass, Organ, Electric Guitars, Vocals
R.L. Heyer-Guitar solo, Vocals
Scott Goodwin-Vocals

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